For far too long, we as the Body of Christ (The Church), have been voiceless when it comes to matters that concern the execution of our obligation and necessary activities and ordinances as per the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16–20). The Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations by Political Authorities in South Africa can then be viewed as a clear demonstration of the lack of reverence of God by those who had the nerve to stand in the way of heralding of The Gospel. 

Its high time The Church, which is the Bride of Jesus Christ stood up and made her voice heard. MINISTERING TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD NEVER CEASED TO BE AN ESSENTIAL SERVICE and it is against this that we invite all people of Christian Faith to join us, in their massive number, in our ‘bid’ to sensitize authorities that “It is a grave mistake to freeze/silence that which God has Ordained”

Kindly Click JOIN NOW below to be part of this Christian Network that ONLY seeks to “Defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT a Fellowship, neither advocacy to any particular ‘Doctrine’. We are just a collective of Christians who are concerned with being ‘SILENCED’ by the Government.


Amplified Christian Voice, as the name suggests, is a movement of all People of Christian Faith in South Africa, regardless of their doctrine, denomination, race, age, and ethnicity.

We are a movement of mission against all the principalities that seek to threaten the heralding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as charged by The Great Commission ( Matthew 28:16 – 20)