Thu. May 6th, 2021
Chief Justice Mogoeng Prayer

A huge noise in South Africa and the rest of the world can be heard from the planet ‘Mars’. This is as a result of a well-meaning prayer by one of South Africa’s Prayer Warriors, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, wherein he pleaded with God to ‘destroy any vaccine that might be bearing a satanic agenda’. During his prayer, he said, “If there be any vaccine that seeks to corrupt God’s people’s DNA, let it be destroyed by fire in the Name of Jesus Christ”. As we understand, Prayer is a conversation with God and is in no way a ‘comment’ as most people have perceived Chief Justice Mogoeng’s Holy Prayer, to be. Secondly, when one says “if”, that immediately tells you that there is a condition that has to ‘hold true’ before the next action can be executed. It’s as easy as, “If this, then that, else, something else”. Now some of the scientists, particularly in South Africa, are making a huge noise about a mere Prayer, others proposing that CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng steps down. The question one should ask him/herself is, “Why would these scientists be so furious when they know that these vaccines are ‘pure’ and not bearing a ‘satanic agenda’?. Why do they seem to be worried? Are they trying to tell us that we are in fact, should be worried or concerned with what they are bringing to people? Should we be worried? Watch the video in full and get the ‘gist’ of the Prayer!


About the author: Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla
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