Thu. May 6th, 2021
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The Christian Faith is being brutally attacked in South Africa by forces of darkness via a group of scientists who call themselves Progressive Health Forum. This comes after our Christian brother Mogoeng, who is the head of the judiciary in South Africa, popularly known as Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, prayed against any ‘satanic agenda’ that might be in place, in a form of a vaccine. In his prayer, brother Mogoeng asked God to destroy any vaccine that might be manufactured to advance any ‘satanic agenda’ against God’s people. Now the so-called Progressive Health Forum is calling for the axing of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and this is not an attack on the brother as an individual, but an indirect attack on Christian Faith.
Tomorrow it will be a Christian sister holding a certain position in society, the next day will be another brother, another sister, and so on, until Christianity gets banned and all those who herald the Gospel, be thrown to jail for just preaching the Word of God. As we are charged to defend the Gospel as Christians, we hereby ask you to sign this petition as a way of defending and supporting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby AMPLIFYING THE CHRISTIAN VOICE. If you love God and are appreciating what He has done for us, what He is still doing, and what He will always do for us, please AMPLIFY this voice (by the Christian Community), by signing this petition and sharing it with your wider network (friends, family, fellow Christian brethren, etc..)
Take from Apostle Paul and declare yourself as being “put here for the defense of the Gospel” – Philippians 1:16.
The following is an extract from an article by SABC News that proves the plan by the (secular) scientists who are not happy with the Gospel:

“Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is in hot water after his prayer at Tembisa Hospital.
A group of medical experts say the call for the dismissal of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is motivated by his breach of professional and ethical standards. The group, called the Progressive Health Forum, wants the head of South Africa’s judiciary to be dismissed following statements in which he suggested that there may be some companies manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine with a satanic agenda.

“I lock out any vaccine that is not of you, if there is any vaccine that is of the devil meant to infuse triple six in the lives of the people, meant to corrupt their DNA any such vaccine Lord God may it be destroyed by fire Lord Jesus,” said Mogoeng….” – 17 December 2020, 5:35 PM | by Busi Chimombe – accessed on 2020/12/19


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